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Villa 80

Buqez Resort

Villa 80

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6 persons
max 4 adults
2 bedroom


Starting at 259€

Price per night during the year

259 €
0 €
259 €
0 €
per night

Villa directly on the beach

  • 2 bedrooms, one of them offering a breathtaking sea view. Both equipped with high-quality mattresses treated with Aloe Vera for comfortable sleep, wardrobes, safes, and storage areas.
  • The villa accommodates 6 people, with a maximum of 4 adults.
  • Bathroom with a shower corner, integrated toilet, and luxurious designer lighting.
  • Kitchen with a fully equipped Italian kitchen unit from Fantin, including an integrated induction cooktop, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven with grill, Nespresso coffee machine, and a bar-style dining table.
  • Living room with a fold-out sofa, ambient lighting, and a writing desk. With the Sony SMART TV, you can enjoy sports events, movies, or Netflix shows. A Sony PlayStation 4 and DVD movies are included as well.
  • Chargers for electrical devices at 220 V, including USB ports, PowerCube outlets. Books in multiple languages, games, art supplies, and puzzles.
  • You can count on the air conditioning.
  • 3 terraces, one of them hidden and fully shaded, spanning 20 m2, featuring lighting, a dining table, a rattan seating set, an electric grill, and an outdoor solar shower.
Rectangle 25 2 | Villa 80
Rectangle 22 7 | Villa 80
Hot tub
Electric grill
Outdoor solar shower
Air conditioning
2 bedrooms

What makes Villa 80 the right choice?

Villa 80 is right on the beach. Is it for you?

  • The sea at your fingertips. Wake up, rub your eyes, take a few steps with a cup of fresh coffee, and the waves are already gently washing over your feet.
  • Experience the sunset over the sea firsthand.
  • No sunshine outside? No problem – you’ll appreciate the premium amenities, like a hot tub.
  • The villa is soundproof. You don’t have to worry about noises from the beach disturbing you.
  • The terrace is shielded by greenery, ensuring your privacy remains preserved.
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  • Rectangle 22 | Villa 80
    BUQEZ je místo, kde to máme moc rádi a rádi se tam každý rok vracíme. Je to taková oáza klidu, kde vám bude hezky jak ve dvou, tak i s rodinou. #hejliks
    Lukáš a Veronika Hejlíkovi

  • Vystrizek tt | Villa 80
    Resort byl fantastickou volbou pro náš pobyt. Naše ubytování bylo skvěle vybavené od grilu, paddleboardů až po výřivku a pohodlnou hamaku. Co mě opravdu nadchlo, byly nádherné pláže resortu, kde jsme si plně užívali soukromí, které jsem si přála. Přestože jsme měli klidné a odlehlé místo, bylo odtud jen kousíček do místních městeček, kde bylo vždy živo a panující příjemná atmosféra. Tuto destinaci vřele doporučuji, zejména pro skupiny přátel a rodiny s dětmi.
    Taťána Kuchařová

  • Rectangle 22 1 | Villa 80
    BUQEZ je ráj na zemi. Milujeme to probouzení doslova se sluncem v posteli a usínání u jeho západu. Perfektně vybavené vily a jejich uklidňující vůně dřeva nám dodávají pocit druhého domova. Vířivka, strečing na terase nebo romantické večery u ohniště na pláži. To je BUQEZ. Těšíme se, až zavítáme zas.
    Vindy & Luděk Šmehlik

  • IMG 20230816 WA0000 | Villa 80
    Už si nedokážu představit, že bych nějaký rok nejela do BUQEZ. Zamilovala jsem si tohle nádherný místo jako druhý domov a počítám s tím, že se sem budu vracet i v důchodu. Ten klid, to čisté moře, ta pohoda…Ach!
    Kristýna Kohoutová

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the arrival (check-in) process work?

Check-in time: 16:00.

The gate of Buqez Resort is opened remotely by the Buqez Resort reception, not automatically. This is a private resort, and this procedure is in place to guarantee your peace and safety.

At the Buqez Resort reception, you will be greeted by friendly Croatian staff who primarily speak English. After completing the necessary check-in formalities, settling any fees (see here), receiving your keys, and providing information about your expected departure date and time, the reception team will gladly guide you to your villa and show you your designated parking spot within the resort.

After parking your vehicle upon arrival, you are welcome to return to the Buqez Resort reception whenever needed. Here, you will receive comprehensive information to assist you in navigating Buqez Resort and its surroundings. The reception team will gladly answer your questions, accommodate any additional requests whenever possible, and assist in planning your excursions or sports activities if needed.


How does the departure (check-out) process work?

Check-out time: 10:00 AM.

Before your departure from Buqez Resort, please visit the reception ahead of time to confirm your departure time. The reception will conduct a villa check and settle any fees or deposits. In case of departing outside the designated check-out hours, please coordinate your departure with the reception staff.

Where can I park at the resort?

Parking is free without having to register in the private parking area.

Is my pet welcome at BUQEZ?

Villas within the Croatian BUQEZ resort are individually owned, and each owner has their own policies and preferences concerning pet stays. If the owner of a particular villa permits pets, there is usually a fee, which typically falls within the range of €20 to €50.

Can my family or friends visit me?

Entry to the resort area is granted exclusively to registered guests at the reception. The reception reserves the right to deny access to the resort grounds to any guests who disturb or may disturb the peace of other guests.

Visitors are allowed to stay for a maximum of 2 hours free of charge. If visitors wish to extend their stay within the Buqez camp premises, they will be required to pay a resort entrance fee of €20.

What are the nighttime quiet hours?

We kindly request your consideration for fellow guests in regards to any noise, including radio, TV, and musical instruments. Absolute quiet is expected between 22:00 and 07:00.

What is the cancellation policy?
  • The host commits not to charge cancellation fees in the event of reservation cancellation up to 60 days before the scheduled arrival.
  • In case of reservation cancellation between 59 and 30 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total stay cost will be applied.
  • For reservations canceled between 29 and 14 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total stay cost will be applied.
  • If the reservation is canceled between 13 and 7 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 75% of the total stay cost will be applied.
  • For reservations canceled between 6 days and 2 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 90% of the total stay cost will be applied.
  • If the reservation is canceled 1 day before arrival or on the day of arrival, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total stay cost will be applied.
  • Shortening the length of the stay will incur the same cancellation deadlines as full reservation cancellations.
  • The cancellation fee is considered a contractual penalty.
  • The host is entitled to charge an administrative and reservation fee for reservation cancellation at any time, amounting to 30 EUR, even if the cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the arrival.
  • o 30 EUR, even if the cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the arrival.
What are the important phone numbers in Croatia?

International Croatian dialing code: +385A
Unified nationwide emergency number for all emergencies: 112
Police: 192
Fire Department: 193
Emergency Medical Services: 194
Roadside Assistance (Croatian Automobile Club – HAK): 1987
(when calling from abroad or a mobile phone, dial: +385 1 1987)
National Search and Rescue Center: 195
General Information: 18981
Information about local and intercity numbers: 11888
International Information Numbers: 11802
Weather Forecast and Road Conditions: 072 777 777
(when calling from abroad or a mobile phone, dial: +385 1 464 0800)
Buqez Villas: +420 733 677 903

Where will you be staying?

BUQEZ RESORT is managed by several owners. That’s why each villa is unique and, at the same time, cozy, making you feel right at home during your stay.

Buqez is a dream come true for our family, and we are excited to share it with you.
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