Explore the underwater world in Buqez!

Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving? Snorkeling by the shore might not be enough for you. If you eagerly watch diving documentaries and are interested in earning your very own scuba certification, now’s your chance. Explore the opportunity to combine thrilling underwater adventures in the Adriatic Sea with a relaxing stay in one of our stylish villas at the new Buqez Resort in Croatian Drage.

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Explore the deep

  • In case you decide to spend a vacation with active diving and also in one of our villas at Buqez Resort, located 8 km south of Biograd na Moru, we offer you special packages that include either:
  • 7 days in a villa at Buqez Resort, including a basic diving course during your stay. Since you’ll be spending unforgettable 7 days with us, learning how to dive, we’ll provide you with a 7% discount on accommodation in one of our villas (based on current rates).
  • 14 days in a villa at Buqez Resort, with 5 of those days dedicated to diving. By selecting this option, you’ll enjoy a fantastic 14-day experience with us, and as a bonus, we’ll provide you with a 14% discount on villa accommodation (based on current rates)
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  • Discover the magic of diving near Buqez Resort in Pako┼ítane or Tisno with our experienced team of diving instructors. Your adventure will include diving around Buqez Resort and a visit to the excellent La Spu┼ż restaurant in the nearby cove.
  • Don’t hesitate to book your diving appointment and check the availability of your chosen villa in Buqez Resort at www.buqez.eu.
  • Leave us an email along with your phone number, and we’ll get in touch with you right away to discuss the details and address your individual requirements.
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ALBE team

Allow us to introduce our Adriatic Sea diving team

Ing. Zden─Ťk Komenda (born in 1987) and his ALBE team.

  • Zden─Ťk contributed significantly to the outstanding achievements of the Czech startup Kiwi.com over a remarkable 6-year period. His work took him on professional journeys across the globe, where he directed the expansion of Kiwi.com’s partner B2B network.
  • Even the workaholic Zdenek eventually succumbed to “corporate” fatigue, and in 2019, he made a complete shift from the international business scene to something entirely different. He was captivated by the tranquility and silence of the underwater world. Diving.
  • Zden─Ťk reached the Divemaster level within the world’s most prestigious and extensively established diving association, PADI. Together with his brother Jakub, he became the owner of the Dive Center ALBE in Brno, which boasts a 25-year history. They now lead the ALBE team, which is comprised of young and dynamic instructors with a passion for travel and meeting new people.
  • Zden─Ťk has explored premium diving sites in Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Turkey, but his heart remains devoted to Czech quarries and lakes. However, the surroundings of Buqez Resort, the nearby Kornati and Tela┼ícica National Parks, world-famous shipwrecks, schools of fish, and clear Adriatic Sea have become his second home. He was charmed by the ambiance of the Croatian-designed Buqez Resort and is now the proud owner of several villas in the area.
  • That is also why clients of the ALBE team from the Czech Republic choose to complete their basic and advanced diving courses at diving locations around Drage, with accommodation provided at Buqez Resort.
  • Zden─Ťk is currently focused on the digitization and modernization of the diving offerings and the development of Buqez Resort.
  • Apart from Czech and Slovak, you can also communicate with him in English and Russian.
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Diving courses, scuba diving exams, trial dives with equipment, advanced training courses, and boat dives for divers:

  • Zdenek and his ALBE team arrange dates for both basic and advanced courses according to your preferences. Dates are available on request.
  • In case you’re interested in having a larger number of participants in a course or a diving expedition, the ALBE team will provide you with a customized training plan, including equipment transport to the location. In such cases, the price is determined individually.
  • The course in Drage and the nearby area has a maximum capacity of six participants for theory sessions and four individuals per instructor for underwater practical training.
  • The ALBE team also organizes teambuilding events that include diving throughout the entire Czech Republic and in Croatia. However, due to their busy schedule, these events are arranged infrequently and upon recommendation.
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1. Special Deal for Beginner Divers

  • Trial dives from the shore at Buqez Resort or at Pako┼ítane, which is 4 km away, or Tisno, which is 20 km away. Your dive package includes the rental of equipment, including a pressure cylinder, and instruction from an instructor.
Trial Shore Dive1 500,- CZKDesigned for non-certified enthusiasts accompanied by a professional. Dives are conducted in a single day.
1 trial dive from a boat2 200,- CZK
2 trial dives from a boat2 900,- CZK

Basic scuba diving course with equipment – OWD (Open Water Diver)

  • This course provides certification from the globally acclaimed PADI association, granting you the ability to dive anywhere in the world, up to a depth of 18 meters.
  • The year-round price for the course is 9,990 CZK per person.
  • The entire course consists of
    • Mastering the theory of diving through e-learning or in-person training at Buqez Resort
    • Completing the final 4-5 open water dives in the sea (from the shore or from a boat).
    • The cost covers study materials, certification fees during training, dives in Croatia, and the complete equipment rental. We offer group discounts. Please note that boat dive fees are not included in the price.
    • You can enroll in the course in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the e-learning platform, you can complete the theory comfortably at home before departing on vacation. Consultations with the instructor, along with the practical part of the course, can be finalized at Buqez Resort.
    • If you’re interested in a diving course tailored to Czech conditions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

2. Special offer for recreational divers holding OWD and advanced certifications

  • The year-round price for 1 boat dive is 800 CZK, with 2 dives conducted during the trip
  • Departures from Tisno or Pako┼ítane are available daily throughout the summer season
  • The fee covers the rental of weights and tanks but does not include equipment rental.
  • To schedule a date, please reach out to us.

3. Advanced Course AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver)

  • Explore depths of up to 30 meters, experience night diving, and enhance your skills in underwater navigation.
  • The year-round course fee is 6,990 CZK per person, which includes study materials, certification fees, and 5 dives under professional guidance. Additionally, it provides access to advanced equipment rental.

Options available for renting or purchasing diving gear.

  • Equipment rental with a 15% discount
  • If your vacation plans involve not just snorkeling but also diving, and you don’t have your own diving gear, consider renting it from Dive Center ALBE in Brno, conveniently located on your route to Buqez Resort
  • Quality diving masks, fins, boots, and advanced equipment such as wetsuits, regulators, jackets, and lights, including GoPro cameras, are available.

Purchase diving equipment with a 10 % discount

  • For those looking to acquire anything “underwater,” we offer an exceptional 10% discount on the entire underwater range at the Dive Center ALBE in Brno or on the Diving.cz e-shop
  • You can pick up your ordered items in Brno on your way to Croatia (or any other time), and feel free to stop by for a cup of excellent coffee or just for some diving advice.
  • Contact us to get your discount code.
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