Membership Benefits

0 % worries, 100 % vacation

Save yourself as many worries as possible and truly relax. We’ve prepared benefits that will help you to completely disconnect. Becoming a member is absolutely simple! All you have to do for him is to book your stay via

ENC card with discount or free

For those who make frequent road trips to Croatia, this advantage is a perfect fit. ENC is a device for contactless toll payment in Croatia. Electronic payment is convenient and saves you time and money, more than 21 % in toll costs. You get a 5% discount on purchasing or obtaining an ENC from us completely free when booking a stay of 14 days or more.

ENC si můžete koupit na webu V košíku zadejte kód “BUQEZ” a získáte slevu 300 Kč.

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Customized extra services

Airport transfers

Ze Zadaru i Splitu zajistíme odvoz z/na letiště za výhodnou cenu. Pokud si od nás půjčíte auto na celou dobu pobytu, cena za odvoz se ještě sníží.

Car rental

For a specific date or just certain days, we’ll provide you with reliable cars that we have available.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes

Translator services

Pakliže se ocitnete v situaci, která vyžaduje znalost Chorvatštiny, Angličtiny, nebo Němčiny, jsme vám k dispozici.

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Discount on all experiences

Plan your entire vacation in one place. All activities for members come with a 5% discount.

How does it work?

In the “Experiences” section, select from a range of activities to enrich your stay. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we’ll get back to you with a reservation confirmation within 48 hours.

Once we confirm your reservation, we’ll send you a 5% discount code. You can use it for payment directly with the experience provider. After that, all that’s left to do is to look forward to it.

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A Fairytale Vacation

Following an agreement, we’ll tailor a vacation for you that will prove that no dream is beyond reach.

Trip planning

Whether you crave adventures in the wild or exploring historical landmarks, we’re here for you. We’ll create a diverse itinerary full of thrilling experiences at a better price with providers.

Culinary Adventure

With our expertise and local connections, you’ll uncover the secrets of local cuisine. What’s more rewarding than a trip with a culinary experience awaiting you at the end?

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BUQEZ Beach Bar Voucher

We want to express our gratitude for your reservation on and welcome you in style. That’s why we’ve prepared a special voucher for a “Welcome Drink” at our BUQEZ Beach Bar, worth 20 €.

The voucher is exclusively available for guests who book through our official website. Upon arriving at the BUQEZ reception, collect your voucher from our receptionist. Then, at the BUQEZ Beach Bar, you can choose your “Welcome Drink.”

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Gift Package with Local Products

Want to bring a piece of the Mediterranean back home with you? The package with olive oil, jams, olives, and other treats is the perfect choice. If you book a stay of 14 days or more at BUQEZ, you’ll receive the package completely free of charge.

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