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Wave from the Buqez yacht!

Ever dreamt of cruising on a yacht or a motorboat? Do you enjoy an actively spent vacation? Would you like to obtain your own Captain’s License? Explore the opportunity to navigate the Adriatic Sea while unwinding in one of our chic villas at the new Buqez Resort in Drage, Croatia.

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Explore the sea

  • If you choose to enjoy your vacation on a yacht and stay in one of our villas at Oikos Buqez Resort, situated 8 km south of Biograd na Moru, we offer you a special package including:
  • 7 days on a yacht and 7 days in a villa at Oikos Buqez Resort. Since you’ll be spending an unforgettable total of 14 days with us, we offer you a 14% discount on accommodation in one of our villas (based on currently applicable prices).
  • You will set sail from Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru with our captain, and part of your journey will include a cruise around Oikos Buqez Resort (feel free to wave ???? to your friends or family), and a visit to the excellent La Spuž restaurant in the nearby bay
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  • Don’t hesitate, book your yacht sailing dates, and check the availability for accommodation dates (before or after the sailing) in your selected villa at Oikos Buqez Resort at
  • Leave us your phone number, and we will get in touch with you right away to discuss details and address your individual requests.
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Your captain – Ing. Mgr. Petr Zbíral

Introducing our captain for journeys across the Adriatic Sea.

  • In his professional life, he is the executive of SCE CZ, s.r.o., Mladá Boleslav, and his expertise in geodesy is unquestionable. Perhaps that’s why maps are his hobby.
  • His stature alone suggests that he is a great man. Surely, his beloved hockey has shaped his physiognomy. He was both a hockey player and coach in Mladá Boleslav.
  • In his personal life, he serves as a Yachting Instructor appointed by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and holds the position of a Yachtmaster Ocean, equipped with a Certificate of Competency for the operation of maritime yachts issued by the Maritime Department of the Czech Republic (Authorization A – unrestricted). He actively navigated yachts in the Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, and the Adriatic Sea.
  • In addition to Czech and Slovenian, you can also communicate with him in English and Russian
  • The home port of his own yacht, Maxus 24 EVO, is Biograd na Moru, and he is known to have mapped the nearby Kornati islands like few others.
  • The combination of a Yachting Instructor, Yachtmaster, passion for maps, 31,000 NM at the helm, and extensive knowledge of the Adriatic Sea makes him an excellent instructor for acquiring both theoretical and practical skills in yachting or motorboat operation.
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Courses in yachting, captaincy exams, and fitness (refresher) courses with Captain Petr.

  • Petr sets the dates based on your demand.
  • The maximum number of participants on Petr’s boat is limited to 3–4 people, excluding him, the captain.
  • The year-round price for a week-long instructional voyage on Petr’s yacht is 11,000 CZK per person, including VAT. The price does not cover marina or city dock fees and meals. The estimated cost for mooring and meals is approximately 1,000 HRK per person per course. The fee covers both theoretical and practical preparation for the Croatian Captain’s exams.
  • The year-round price for a week-long refresher (advanced) voyage on Petr’s yacht, designed for those of you who already hold a Captain’s License, is 9,000 CZK per person, including VAT. The price does not cover marina or city dock fees and meals. The estimated cost for mooring and meals is approximately 1,000 HRK per person per course.
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  • If you’re interested in a large yacht for a larger group of participants, Petr will arrange a charter boat from LM Yachting at Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru. The price is individually calculated based on the charter boat’s rate. (For instance, this year, Petr generously provided a sponsorship gift for healthcare workers from the COVID unit (8+2) in Mladá Boleslav for 1,600 EUR through this arrangement, which is truly a commendable gesture deserving appreciation).
  • Petr naturally organizes teambuilding events as the yacht captain, although, due to his busy schedule, this happens rather exceptionally and is typically arranged based on recommendations.
  • Courses for Czech qualifications from the Czech Maritime Administration (MDČR) – Level C, which includes a practical exam and a protocol for MDČR, can be arranged with Petr in the Czech Republic. He is an examiner for the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. The course fee is individual and covers theory instruction to the necessary extent. The examination fee, including administrative charges, is 2,000 CZK.
  • Confirmation of sailing experience for applicants seeking Level B certification from the Czech Maritime Administration (MDČR) is provided by Petr only upon request

P.S.: Petr loves Croatian yogurt milk “Svěže voče”

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